Performance analysis for online creatives and social media marketing campaigns

Note: This is an example of work done by Warut B., either contracted directly with the client, collaborated with or subcontracted through other firm. Information presented here has been carefully selected or edited for confidentiality.


  • A leading media, creative and marketing agency (both offline and digital) helps its end clients (brands) in developing creatives and managing social media marketing campaigns
  • The company (agency) seeks assistance in analysis of social media marketing data to
    • Measure and revise own creatives and marketing campaigns
    • Monitor and benchmark with competing brands
    • Report to management of its end clients (brands)
  • The nature of the work is a case-by-case basis which requires customized analysis and reporting, rather than ready-to-use templates

Role and methodology

  • Gather social media data of own and competing brands from multiple sources
  • Analyze data, compare historical results, probing for case-specific issues
  • Visualize results, provide detail analysis for the company (agency) working team and develop presentations for end client (brands) management

Project outcome

  • Performance report of social media marketing of own and competing brands
  • Root cause analysis of case-by-case social behaviors
  • Recommendation to social media strategies